La cançó del Pregó 2015

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El Cor Infantil Amics de la Unió ens van sorprendre al pregó de Festa Major 2015 cantant Song of Hope, la cançó que els va fer campions d’Europa. La lletra és la següent:


In times of darkness let there be light.

In times of blindness let there be sight.

Where there is coldness let there be warmth

by choosing love, we all can glow.

In times of violence let there be peace.

When we are frightened let love succeed.

When we’re together we can be strong

we give our hearts singing our song.

We are all the same children of the universe

with our song we can reach your heart

we can make a change

we are voices of light singing songs of love

We are here to unite in this Song of Hope.

La-ra-la-ra Le-i-ra (…)

Children of the light  singing songs of love

We will all unite in this Song of Hope.

La-ra-la-ra Le-i-ra (…)

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